First Consultation

A first consultation takes one and a half to two hours for an adult and up to one hour for a child.

​During this time I will be aiming to understand as much as I can about you and your symptoms, therefore I will ask a range of questions about the issue you are seeking treatment for, your previous medical history, your temperament, your response to the environment and how things affect you.

Most people find this initial consultation very helpful in its own right, even before a homeopathic remedy has been prescribed, as it offers the opportunity to fully discuss your issues in a safe, relaxed and confidential environment.

Homeopathic Prescription

After your consultation I will email you with details of your homeopathic prescription and links to enable you to purchase your remedy from your nearest homeopathic pharmacy.

Follow-up Consultations

​Follow-up consultations are usually on a four to six week basis and take up to forty-five minutes. At the follow-up I will assess your response to your previous prescription and will make a decision as to how to progress your case further.

Duration of Treatment

Estimations of the likely length of treatment have to be made on an individual basis as it depends on a range of factors such as an individuals vitality and ability to respond to the remedies, and the nature and duration of the condition they are seeking treatment for.

In simple cases a single prescription can frequently bring about the desired improvement, however, with chronic, long-standing conditions, it is more likely that a sequence of remedies will be required over a period of time.
​It is my experience however that most patients make considerable progress within the space of three to six consultations.


First Consultation - £130
Follow-up Consultation - £75
Acute Consultation - £35
Telephone/email contact between appointments - No charge

Contact between appointments

I am always contactable via phone or email should you have any questions or concerns about your treatment in-between appointments.

Contact with GP during treatment

I always recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP or specialist throughout the course of your treatment. Any change in your use of prescription medication will have to be undertaken with the authority and guidance of your prescribing GP, and your local NHS services will be able to arrange any diagnostic procedures you may need and arrange emergency cover. In this way homeopathic and conventional approaches can be used alongside one another to give the most appropriate care.

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