Amanda Hopley
BSc (Hons). Dip. IACH


I’m a fully qualified classical homeopath with a degree in homeopathy. I’m also one of only a small number of homeopaths in the UK to hold a Diploma from the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) - the only homeopathy course adopted as a post-graduate course by several medical universities around the world.

My Approach

I love all aspects of being a homeopath; the privilege of working with patients, the complexity of case analysis, and the thrill and excitement of prescribing and witnessing the effects of the remedies. I am still amazed at the profound changes that homeopathy is capable of bringing about.

But what I have always particularly loved about this system of medicine is that it is incredibly respectful of each person’s uniqueness and individuality, and that fundamentally, the restoration of a person’s health is the restoration of their potential – this is what I feel I am always working towards when I am working with a patient.

My Journey

I first came across homeopathy in my late teens when I sought the help of a homeopath for a health problem I was experiencing. I was so impressed by the response that I had to the remedy and the subsequent improvement in my health that I simply had to find out more.

On this basis I moved to London to undertake a degree in homeopathy at the University of Westminster. During my studies I completed 300 supervised clinical hours in the University’s Polyclinic, completed an NHS placement at the Marylebone Health Centre in central London, and completed key core modules in anatomy, physiology, pathology and differential diagnosis. I graduated with a BSc with Honours in Health Sciences: Homeopathy.

I then took a three-year post-graduate course with the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, graduating in June 2015 with a Diploma from the IACH – an internationally recognised qualification in classical homeopathy.
I am fully insured to practice and am dedicated to continuing my professional development and keeping up with the latest developments within the homeopathic profession. In the last few years I have been particularly influenced by the work of Erik Van Woensel, a close colleague of Professor George Vithoulkas, and I have attended his seminars whenever he has lectured in the UK.

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