At the beginning of treatment I wanted help with my symptoms of Polycystic ovary syndrome. My worst symptom was irregular periods – I have sometimes gone for months without having one and had others that have lasted for six weeks constantly. I had tried the standard treatments of the pill and Metformin, but they didn’t really agree with me and I had bad reactions to both, which left me feeling frustrated and unsupported. My periods have now improved 95% as a result of treatment, so much so, that I actually feel normal about them right now, which hasn’t been the case for 15 years. I have also lost mood swings that I have had since I was a teenager – it’s amazing! And I have experienced a massive improvement in my overall sense of health and wellbeing. I would recommend homeopathic treatment to anyone with a long-term chronic condition – this is the best that I have felt in years, I just wish someone had told me ten years ago that going down an alternative route would bring about such a huge improvement. I would definitely recommend Amanda as a practitioner, she is clearly very knowledgeable and asked questions in a non-intrusive way which made discussing a difficult subject easier than I thought it would be. It was the first time that I had been given the opportunity to really discuss how my body works and I found it very therapeutic.





I have a long-standing, chronic back condition and at the same time I have experienced a lot of loss over a period of years. Circumstances hadn't allowed me to stop and process one thing before the next happened. I felt absolutely full of grief and emotional pain whilst suffering severe anxiety and having a lot of pain from my back and stress-induced arthritis.
I was taking a mixture of five medications to deal with the physical pain, the anxiety and sleep but with little benefit and I felt awful due to the side-effects. I went to a pain clinic and was told that the combination of meds was damaging my nervous system and so at that point decided to stop taking them with the exception of codeine but this left me without any hope of any effective treatment.
It was by chance that I came across homeopathy. I was very unsure about it but with nothing else available I started a course of treatment which I have continued with over the last couple of years. You tend to quickly forget but If I look back the transformation has been incredible. There has been a regression back through previous symptoms and I have gone back to a level of health I had maybe fifteen years ago. My arthritis has reduced by 95%. The sciatic pain from my back has reduced by 60% and I am much more active again and I have reduced my use of codeine by 75%. The emotional pain which I had suppressed for years and was trapped in my body was bought to the surface. This was a difficult process but I have finally been able to let go of this emotional back-log and with it has come a lightness, relief and calm and a 90% reduction in my anxiety.
The treatment has been a huge gift allowing me to recover and start to move forward again in a way I didn't think possible, thank you.





"I wanted to try homeopathy, as I wanted help with anxiety, period and sleeping problems. I had previously tried counselling for my anxiety, which had been partially helpful, and had tried the conventional treatment of metformin for my PCOS symptoms, but it had made me unwell. My anxiety has resolved as a result of treatment. I am no longer suffering on a daily basis and now have a positive outlook on life – the change has been remarkable! I have also ovulated for the first time! I would definitely recommend homeopathic treatment to others because it is an alternative medicine that works. I would recommend Amanda as a practitioner because she is understanding, helpful, approachable and kind."





"At the beginning of treatment I wanted help with anxiety and depression, which had been particularly bad in the last year, difficulty losing weight, excess hair and bad skin. I had been prescribed Metformin by my GP, which seemed to help my weight slightly at the beginning but then stopped working. I didn’t have any reservations about trying homeopathy but I didn’t have much hope for it either – I was probably at my lowest point and was ready to try anything, The biggest improvement I have experienced as a result of treatment has been the change my anxiety and depression, I am not crippled by these feelings anymore - I no longer struggle leaving the house – I can still have bad days but overall I feel more myself than I have in over a year. There has also been a major improvement in my overall sense of wellbeing which in turn has made me more able to manage my other symptoms - I have more get-up-and-go now, and I feel much more positive. Homeopathic treatment really has changed my life and I feel like a different person to how I felt before - I feel much more positive in all aspects of my life and the difference has even been noticed by my family and friends. I would definitely recommend treatment to others – it deals with the root of the problem rather than masking the symptoms. I would recommend Amanda because she is friendly and professional and didn’t make me feel as though the things I was suffering with were trivial – that was very comforting."





"I have had irregular periods since my late teens and have suffered with anxiety, low mood and depression since 2010. I found it difficult to get out of bed and had low self-esteem. I suspected my mood was a consequence of a hormonal imbalance. Within a couple of days of taking the remedy each time, my mood improved and I felt more confident although I still found it difficult to wake up and get out of bed. The last remedy I took had the very best result. I completely forgot how it felt to be depressed and anxious and I felt settled, happy and confident. This feeling was so unusual since I haven't felt this good since around 2010. I would 100% recommend Amanda as a practitioner because she made me feel comfortable, at ease and listened to. She is thorough in her questioning and made me feel that everything I said was relevant and important. She is hugely empathetic and intuitive and is honest and informative in her approach to treatment. I quickly developed trust in her and felt like I was going to visit a friend before each consultation."





"At the beginning of treatment I wanted help with acne, long menstrual cycles, PMT and period pain – symptoms which had been present for the past 20 years. I didn’t have any reservations about trying homeopathy – I was very keen to try it. My PMT has significantly reduced as a result of treatment to the point where I am no longer aware of when my period is due. My period is not as heavy or as painful as before, and the musculoskeletal pain I used to get during my period has resolved. My acne has also reduced in quantity and is less painful, and my eczema has reduced. But the single most positive outcome that I have experienced as a result of treatment is that I now have a balanced mood throughout my cycle. I would absolutely recommend homeopathic treatment to others, and I would recommend Amanda because she is very professional, has a positive nature and is easy to communicate with."



Shepton Mallet


"I came to treatment wanting help with the symptoms of Polycystic ovary syndrome – infertility, anxiety, excess hair and weight gain. I had previously tried the contraceptive pill and Metformin but they had both made my symptoms worse. I did have some reservations about trying homeopathy – I was worried that it wouldn’t have any impact on my symptoms because they were too severe. My anxiety has greatly improved as a result of treatment - I feel I am getting my life back, and in July my GP confirmed that I had had an early miscarriage which is the first glimmer of hope that I might be able to have a baby that I have had. My skin and my excess hair have also improved as a result of treatment – I haven’t had any acne and my hair growth is slower and finer. I would definitely recommend Homeopathic treatment to others – the changes I have seen have had such a positive impact on my life – they have started a period of transformation and given me hope that I have not felt in a long time. I would recommend Amanda because she never made me feel awkward and I never felt judged. It was also great to be able to have our consultations via Skype."





I came to treatment wanting help with acne – I had severe angry pustules on my face and back, and brain fog, exhaustion and emotional irritability. I had previously tried the oral contraceptive pill, which had helped my skin but not the mental exhaustion or brain-fog. My skin has calmed down approximately 50% as a result of treatment, I do still get breakouts but they are not as severe or as persistent, and my brain-fog and exhaustion has also improved around 50%.  Because of this I feel more confident and happier in myself and have more time for friends and family. I would definitely recommend homeopathy to others – it’s a non-invasive treatment that works with the body naturally to rebuild, rebalance and enhance natural rhythms. I would definitely recommend Amanda as a practitioner – she was so lovely to work with – understanding, patient, sympathetic, practical and flexible, and at times we were able to laugh at things, which took the stress out of a potentially sensitive and difficult situation.





I had red coloured irritating patches which appeared on my face when I felt stressed. The anxiety about a possible outbreak seem to actually cause them, which dramatically affected my self-confidence to the point where it was a challenge to leave the house. My GP prescribed a topical antibiotic cream but it didn’t work, and on and off I had felt very depressed about the situation for some months. My only reservation about trying Homeopathy was that if it didn't work, it would be even harder to be hopeful that I could find something that would help. After the treatment things seemed to shift and the symptoms were not as severe and not as frequent. As a result my general outlook and confidence is now much improved and I have lost most of the anxiety I had about going to social events. I would recommend homeopathy as it addresses the root cause of the problem rather than just focusing on superficial symptoms, and it views the person as a whole. I would recommend Amanda to anyone – she took the time and was very thorough – asking many questions to formulate a conclusion. The remedy has helped me recover from what I felt was a hopeless situation and I am extremely grateful.




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